Thursday, March 6, 2008

Missing Key

Unfortunately, the missing key hasn't turned out yet. This is really very embarassing. We would post a note to the parents if any of their children has brought home a key. Of course not mentioning that this is the house key. So wish me all the best. Hope it would still come out.
Aside from that I was terrorized by a little girl yesterday. Kids can be really mean sometimes ( well in their own way). Today I tried to win her by asking her to teach me some words in danish (she comes from Denmark). Let's see if I remember them.
goodbye - farvel
hello - hej (pronounced like hi)
thank you - tak
yes - ja
no - nej
She really liked it and was very friendly to me till the end of the day. Let's see if this works out tomorrow. Meanwhile, another boy took her place. This boy is american so I cannot lure him into teaching me another language. Hmm.. I have to be creative. This is how it is when you work with kids, there's really never a dull moment.


Gattina said...

Terrorized by a kid ? lol ! You surprise me !!

Chateau said...

Wow, seems like a very eventful week 1 huh? Good luck with your new job, and your new blog. and your new house as well.. These are times of great changes for you ha. Congrats!

vlado&toni said...

Thanks, yup it's been quite busy here. Yes, Gattina, poor me :( terrorized by a kid. But better by a kid than by a mother :)