Tuesday, March 4, 2008

So I thought

Well I just started this blog yesterday with good news that I'm quite doing well in my new job - of course with the usual uncertainties and stress. Little did I know that I spoke too soon... Last Friday just before ending my work day, the boss gave me the new key to the school. I was quite proud to have it, because it meant they trust me already to give me a key. Not to mention that it's a master key opening all front doors, back doors, classrooms and all the secret doors in between. I was able to use it yesterday and this morning. Then it was gone. Lost between the fine confines of those walls and I don't know where. I looked everywhere but no success at all. As I have told you this school is very organized to almost insanity so losing the key is a complicated manner. I have to change all those locks and give everyone a new key. For sure this would cost a fortune! Well the smart hubby checked if my insurance covers such disaster. Thank God, I just have to pay a fixed amount (also not little!) and the rest will be covered by the insurance. I thought I would give all my pay this month and next month just for the whole set of locks. Did I mention that the school is a bit exclusive catering to elites, diplomats and top managers etc.... so security is a priority in this school. That's why you have to have the key all the time with you. No door is ever left open!!!

This post is to end now except as I have promised you on that little thing about M's method. I will use M as Montessori so in the future if you ever see M then you know what I mean.

2. Pointing out an error in the middle of an activity is not good because it leads the child to a defensive reaction making him crawl into his shell.
(I have to get used to it and stop myself from correcting the children all the time.)


Gattina said...

Oh poor you ! That could have been me ! I am always in war with keys and spend a lot of time looking for them. I only hope the Montessori methods don't make children like my (to be) DIL, she is rather full of complexes ! and she was in such a school (in Holland) !

Chateau said...

Hi there! Dapat upgrade na yung school into those electronic key cards that you just swipe. Good thing the, errr, event/loss is covered by your insurance. :)

Artemis said...

hmmm, so I learned why not to point out mistakes immediately. It make sense.. I'm going to apply that to my boyfriend who goes automatically defensive whenever I criticize him. thanks for the sharing :-)