Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Yey.. or oh no???!!!

It's yey!! - because I will be starting my distance learning program this February - the papers and books are probably via Royal Mail now..
It's ney??? !- because I will start to burn the midnight oil again - cramming and studying writing papers -- preparing for exams and getting all stressed up...
Oh and I am sorry for those who started visiting this blog and didn't get any news- I should have continued writing here but I thought nobody goes to read it anyway. Nevertheless - this gives me the motivation to start a series of post about my so called 1 year anniversary at my new work place which isn' t so new now.
After 11 months and a couple of days finally saw the true colours of my colleages.. some funny stories - some really weird stories and some --let's not just mention it.
Well so far so good.. I am looking forward to the next break which is in 1.5 week.. would love to sleep longer and would love to start reading my assignment?? :) haha.. but really I don't know, why do I keep on doing this to myself..
a friend asked me - why do I want to study again?
Me : I don't really know I just have this nagging feeling/conscience that tells me to go on - further and further ..there is always room for improvement..

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