Friday, June 27, 2008

Summer Break

Yahoo! Finally it's summer break, we will be having a 7 week holiday. Actually for the kids it's 8 weeks but for teachers it's 7 weeks. I will be working a week in the summer school (of course this is paid extra) and then it's 5 weeks of bliss :)
I just had a year of the end evaluation with my boss and she gave me positive feedbacks (to which I was of course very happy). I told her my future plans of getting the Montessori diploma either here in Germany or in London. Well she told me she is more for London because this is a correspondence course and I would need to have a teacher from the UK and send her my papers and go once in a while to London to do some training and have the exams here in Frankfurt. This would take about 2 years if I am good with my work. The german diploma is a bit harder because it takes so much energy, you have to go to school every Friday 5-8 pm and Saturdays 9-5 pm. Imagine??!! That's for 2 years too (ok except during the holidays). I wonder what they do in that school. I assume I would be repeating some of the things I learned before. The good news is they will pay half of the tuition and when I get my diploma they will pay the half of what I paid. So technically they will pay 75% of it.

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Artemis said...

you lucky girl ! :-)