Tuesday, February 17, 2009

no school

Yey, no school for one week:) The school has a one week ski break. Teachers are all happy and can sleep late and recover from all the viruses they got from the kids in this long, cold, dark winter. I sure wish it's Spring soon.

Aside from that I told you all (or maybe just myself) that I will be starting my new studies - it turned out that the women at the school isn't too organize and has almost forgotten me despite all my emails to her! There is a silver lining to it though as my hubby said, at least I don't need to study now during my break.

Nevertheless, work situation is not so fine. We don't have 100% enrollees and it seems for next school year we might get only 50% of the usual students - well as now it is confirmed that we only have 50% reservation for next school year. My colleagues are all anxious and starting to be really panicky and doing some crazy things to each other to hang on to their jobs. I don't have any worries, at the moment I am still an assistant teacher and not getting much paid (still don't have my extra Montessori diploma). What I would miss about this job if ever I need to go one day is the looooongggg holidays. I know I'm having a break now but in 6.5weeks I have another 2 week break. It's spring break.


Gattina said...

I just read through your blog, it's nice to learn something more can always be useful ! Are there not enough children for your school or what is the reason ? they always complain that there are not enough kindergartens.

Toni said...

hello gattina :) yup there are not enough children in our school at the moment and it seems in the next school year because companies from abroad are not sending their employees here to germany -relocation costs and all expenses.